His Banner Over Us Is Love
South Shore Chapter
Braintree, MA

Testimony Speaker
Larry Ng

Saturday April 19, 2014
8:30Am – 11:30Am

Hajjar’s Restaurant
969 Washington St.
Weymouth, Ma.  (Rte. 53)

All Are Welcome to Attend

$13.00 per personA love offering will be taken. Praise and worship music by RichBudgell, Janice Fillipi, Chris Muise, and Matteo. Please call for reservationsDonRocci 508-584-0440 after 5PM Mon.-Fri. or Sat. & Sun. time, or e-mailwrocci@comcast.net

Just only seven months ago I went through the valley of the shallow of death and couldn't’t say a word when I opened my mouth!

 I was fighting for my dear life over the past 2 years after I was diagnosed with stage-3 cancer and had told the Lord that if I die, there'll be one less person to praise and worship Him. One is never completely cured of cancer even after you have completed your radio and chemo therapy treatments. It’s as if God has put you on notice and that you have to make your peace with God and with everyone around you, be it friends or foe, and to put your house in order. He may call you home at any moment so be sure you have our last will written. Strangely, it’s a very comforting feeling to know that you are near the end of your journey and ready to meet the Lord your God as you head towards your eternal home in heaven.
 Now every man is somebody’s son but not every son can become a good father. Each of us had expected to receive our father's blessings in various ways like encouragement, love and affirmation. But our fathers are human, and fallen in nature. They had a tough time growing up themselves and instead of leaving us with some invaluable treasures in our life, they may have consciously or unconsciously left in us deep wounds that take a life time to heal. If we just bring children into this world without any sense of love and responsibility than we are no different from animals. It’s sad but true that some animals are much more dedicated and devoted in caring and bringing up their young than we humans. Are we after all not created in the image of God and capable of showing what love and conscience is all about?
 Twice in my life I had my hair completely cut off, once when I went into prison and then recently when I went through CT for my cancer. Not a pleasure experience if you know what I mean! Now allow me to share with you the true life story of a no-body’s child by the name of “Crab”. This boy used to walk sideways when he was young and hence neighbors nicknamed him “Crab”. He grew up standing tall, not lacking in stature & looks. But unfortunately he grew up thinking he was a black sheep of the family, rejected and unloved by his very own. He had to fight hard for everything he needed in order to survive, including his own life.

Please Call with reservations: Don Rocci 508-584-0440 after 5PM Mon.-Fri., or Sat. & Sun. at any time, or e-mail wrocci@comcast.net