Lake Morey 2018

It is my pleasure and honor to make available this year's registration application for the 2018 Lake Morey Men's Advance:

Please print and duplicate the applications as needed and distribute. If you require additional copies. I'd be glad to mail you the applications. Please provide the quantity needed and your mailing address

The Lake Morey Resort is located just off Interstate 91 in Fairlee, Vermont.

The Advance offers the time and opportunity to be refreshed in the presence of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. It is a time of encouraging, uplifting fellowship, testimonies, teachings and praise and worship.

I pray that the Holy Spirit would prompt you to attend and to be engaged in one or all of the free sessions and to come into fellowship with other men seeking God.

Looking forward to seeing you up at The Lake Morey Advance.

With much love,
Tom Travers

Thomas Travers
73 Woodburn St
Keene, NH 03431


Rhodelesstraveled said...

incredible time of closeness with God and His men!!!
t king - RI

Garrett Cooke said...
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Garrett Cooke said...

We were blessed because we came! God willing we will have the privilege to seek the Lord together in unity 2016. -Psalm 133